poker6Welcome to veldhuispoker.com – a complete guide to playing poker online. We list the best poker sites, write all about the rules of various games and compare bonus offers and rakeback deals, both of whom are an essential part of online play.

In the next few paragraphs we’ll briefly explain the basics of what everyone should be aware of before starting to play poker. This site will probably be a better fit for the more recreational players, but even those that have already played the game for years might find some of the advice in here as valuable.

Choosing The Right Site

With hundreds of seemingly great sites out there, how does one go about choosing the best? There are a few factors you need to consider that we see as vital.

First and foremost, it’s 2016 and online poker has gotten really tough with thousands of people working hard to live their dream lifestyle. With all that said, it’s extremely important to choose a poker site that has relatively weak competition. In other words, You should much rather play against the fish instead of the sharks.

So lets get down to the basics. Who are the players you want to play against? Typically these would be gamblers that have never tried or very rarely choose to play poker. These kinds of players normally come in through online casinos or sports betting sites and play blackjack, roulette or slot machines.

Unibet is a perfect example of what happens when you actually focus on bringing in recreational players to poker. It creates a chain reaction and many professional players are now playing here, even though the rewards might be of much lower value when compared to major poker networks like iPoker or Microgaming.

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PokerStars have been a market leader for years and invest heavily into marketing and acquiring new players all the time. This, together with the amount of players they have, guaranteed that you can pretty much always find weak opponents and make a decent amount of money every month.

Though the whole food chain is only sustainable if enough new depositing players are brought in on a monthly basis, and that costs a lot of money in advertisement costs. The amount of money professional poker players cash out every month has to be lower than what has been deposited by losing ones. Of course the poker sites also want to make a profit, so they charge fees for every tournament played and poker hand that reaches the flop.

Bonuses & Rakeback

This goes hand in hand with what we just talked about – players should much rather opt in for a poker site with soft competition than chase rakeback and bonus offers while playing against players that are either semi-pro or professional players. Even if you are good enough to beat the games, you’ll likely have a breakeven win-rate and only make money from the rakeback and bonus offers.

The way to go, especially if you are playing reasonable stakes, is to play against weak opposition and crush the games while also banking additional income from rewards.

It’s mind blowing that many poker sites don’t realize that a marketing plan of giving the highest rakeback deals will surely lead them right to the bankruptcy, if they don’t invest heavily into acquiring depositing players that lose money.

Legality Of Online Poker

Many countries in the EU have regulated their poker market and only those sites that have bought an operating license from the government are allowed to offer services. A couple of examples for this are Spain, Italy, France and United Kingdom.

Regulation is an excellent thing for both recreational and professional players. It might not seem that way at first, since now sites are forced to pay a heavy tax that allows them to offer less rewards to the players in terms of rakeback or bonuses. The major upside here is that you never have to worry about the safety of your funds.

On top of that, poker websites can now easily advertise on mass media, including television and radio, thus bringing thousands of recreational players to the sites and thus making the games more profitable for professionals.

Bitcoin Poker

There has been a lot of hype around bitcoin in the past few years and it has established itself as the leading cryptocurrency used. It’s far from being used by the average Joe, but the gambling industry has certainly grown way beyond the small timer it initially was.

Even though major websites like PokerStars are still hesitant to offer bitcoin payments, multiple gambling related e-wallets like Neteller have already added it to their offerings.

The great thing about this is that there is a lot of money held in bitcoin by those that got in early. Many of these people aren’t exactly poker professionals, but rather hardcore computer nerds. Will the majority of them play online poker for Bitcoin? Probably not, but a portion certainly will and that’s good for the economy.

Various Poker Game Types

Poker seems to be a trendy business and that’s the case with game variations too. When the initial boom hit around 2003 everyone was playing limit texas hold’em, since playing the no limit variation was quite scary due to variance and expected monetary swings.

Then starting around 2006 no limit took over as the main game type and was by far the most popular for years, but it seems like there’s a different game that’s been growing in popularity real fast lately. It’s pot limit omaha, a game played with four hole cards and one preferred by recreational players simply because of being way more fun to play.

Since you get double the amount of cards, this also translates to double the amount of action and adrenaline. While professional players don’t necessarily need that in their lives, recreational players love it. And one does not play without the other.