Pot Limit Omaha Guide

Pot Limit Omaha

plo-starting-handOmaha poker is a game of chance in which players play against each other, using a deck of 52 cards. Players sit at the table and can play more than one position. It is forbidden to showdown and negotiation with other players.

Popular in Europe for years, in recent years, the game begins to rapidly receive to grow a sizeable fan base all over the world. Currently, Pot Limit Omaha holds the second place when we talk about the most played variation of poker.

Learn the basic rules

Omaha is a variation of Texas Hold’em. The difference is that the player, instead of two, will receive four starting cards. When it comes to a showdown, in creating their strongest hands, the player must use exactly two of his starting four cards and exactly three community cards.

So, unlike Hold’em, you cannot use more than three cards. Investing and betting, as well as the blinds, are practically the same as in a regular Hold’em game.

The most common mistake that players always seem to forget that in Omaha you must use exactly 2 of their initial four, and exactly 3 of the common five cards – no more, no less. So if you have a spade, and on the table there are 4 spades – you don’t have a flush!

How to form the Pot

If the requirements for the lowest combination are met, the pot is split so that the player or players who have the best hand will get 50%, while the other 50% goes to the player or players who have the weakest combination.

One player can also have the strongest and weakest combination with the same cards, in which case it has the right to rearrange the combination within the offered cards with the strongest (HI) to the weakest (LO).

In case the requirements for the lowest combination are not fulfilled, the entire pot is awarded to the player with the highest combination.

Start playing Pot Limit Omaha

Besides the above-mentioned rules, Omaha includes the maximum bet rule also known as the Pot Limit. In short, this rule states that a player may bet nothing more than the amount collected so far in the pot. If the pot has 20 blinds, the player can bet any amount between 1 and 20 blinds.

However, this is complicated when it comes to a raise (increase) by another player. If the pot is $ 1, and one player bet the maximum – another $ 1, the second may rise to $ 4. In Pot Limit Omaha, the size of the bet must equal the size of the pot.

There is also version called No Limit Omaha with no betting restrictions, but the entire concept of this variant is contrary to the no limit game.

The Pot Limit Omaha is a very attractive poker game for those players who seek for a game that requires more thinking or they simply want to try playing a combined game.

Many people in the poker community consider the Omaha poker as “Mad” (or call it “Funny Omaha”), due to the crazy action which often require a “folly” (possible the best combination of 5 cards at any stage of a poker hand) to win the pot.

So when you play Omaha for the first time, do not be surprised if you make a flush or have a 3 of a kind on the flop and then manage to lose a poker hand in the River by the end of the game